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BLAGDONs in Brixham

The following BLAGDONs appear in the registers of Brixham St Marys and Brixham All Saints 1820-1901. Original spelling preserved. Specific reference details for each individual can be obtained by contacting the owner of this site. 

There are also several individuals whose birth is registered in the Totnes Registration District; this may be Brixham, but until/unless I see the original records, I cannot be sure.  Further research into the censuses may prove useful.  These people are on the 'BLAGDONs in Totnes Registration District' page.

Father: William
Mother: Ann
John Bray BLAGDON 1820
Rebecca BLAGDON 1823

Father: Samuel
Mother: Temperance
William 1838 (Brixham All Saints)

Father: John Bray BLAGDON
Mother: Mary Anne
William Henry 1856
John 1857
Mary Louisa 1861
Samuel George 1863
Charles Alfred 1866
Robert Albert 1870
Emma Jane 1874

Father: John Windsor BLAGDON
Mother: Alice
Alice Mary 1885
John Windsor BLAGDON 1889

Father: Samuel George
Mother: Sarah Ann
Mary 1889
Sarah Ann 1890

Father: Charles
Mother: Elizabeth
Elizabeth 1889
Frederick Charles 1892

Father: Robert Albert
Mother: Jane
Millicent Ward 1900
Morice Pretonus 1901

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