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Ros Haywood is a technical publications librarian, living and working in the Southwest of England. She enjoys reading, reading, and more reading, and is working on Time Immemorial, a time travel romance set in modern-day and mediaeval England.

An old reel-to-reel tape has Ros, age 4, reading Peter Rabbit aloud.  She has been reading ever since (she has eclectic tastes!) and is now studying for an Open University  BA degree with literary leanings.  She regularly takes part in the madness which is NaNoWriMo (writing a novel in a month), and started by drafting Star Trek novels Synchronicity and Guardian Angel.

She is a genealogy and family history enthusiast, writing a blog with currently over 49,000 hits, running the Murch, Distin, and Blagdon Surname Studies, acting as an Online Parish Clerk for Ottery St Mary and South Pool.  She also conducts South Pool's one-place study and maintains FamilySearch's Wiki pages on Ottery and South Pool.

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She maintains the South Pool One-Place Study
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