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Martin to Ruffle

Some members of The Surname Society have produced websites to aid them in their studies.  Sites for names M-R are listed here.

Martin Worldwide

Mead Worldwide

Meates Worldwide

Micklethwaite Worldwide

Mortimer Worldwide

Moxon Worldwide

Murch Worldwide

Murdock Worldwide

Nobbs Worldwide



Pask DNA Worldwide

Pask Worldwide

Peck Wiltshire, England, UK

Penfold Hartfield, Sussex, England and Descendants Worldwide

Pennyfather Worldwide

Pincombe Devon, England

Quackenbush Worldwide

Quested Worldwide

Rader Worldwide

Rawlings Wiltshire, England

Redshaw Worldwide

Rew Somerset/Devon, England, UK

Rix Worldwide

Routledge Cumberland, England, UK

Rowcliffe Devon, England, UK

Ruffle Suffolk and Essex, England

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