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BLAGDONs in Stoke Damerel Registration District

The following BLAGDON individuals appear in the Stoke Damerel Registration District 1859-1897. (Details about this registration district can be found here.) Original spelling preserved. Specific reference data for each individual can be obtained by contacting the owner of this site.

Charlotte BLAGDUN 1859

William John BLAGDON 1887 (see also Blagdons in Devonport page)

William John BLAGDON 1888 (see also Blagdons in Devonport page)

Laura Beatrice BLADON 1888

Edith Grace C BLAGDON 1889

George Frederick BLAGDON 1891

Edward Arthur I BLAGDON 1893

Fred Albert BLAGDON 1896

May Irene BLAGDON 1897

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