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Friday, 20 May 2016

Welcome to the BLAGDON Surname Study.  This Study aims to cover the histories of the bearers of the name BLAGDON in the county of Devon, UK.

The Blagdon Surname Study grew from the research I did and the lessons I learned during 2015's "Genealogy Do-Over", created by Thomas MacEntee.  It was a chance for participants to put aside all their previous research ('put aside', not 'throw away'!) and start again, this time incorporating proper genealogical standards and methodology.

So I began studying - and the first thing I learnt is to Slow Down (ha ha).  I have become passionate about citing sources, and am heavily involved in the "Sourcerer's Challenge" on WikiTree. I worked slowly and carefully through the generations and discovered things I had missed the first time around, just because I was rushing to get to that nugget of information I was sure was there.

The Study is still in its infancy, so I am gathering data as fast as I can - and any BLAGDON information you might have will be much appreciated.

Join me and see if you can go further back, too!

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  1. I didn't know you had another study and such an unusual surname too. How do you find the time ?